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2024.04.22 09:10

The development of Dawn 2055, currently prioritizes an extensive update to the settlement building system, with more information coming as its release nears. Alongside this significant upgrade, numerous modifications are set to refine various aspects of gameplay. Notably, adjustments to character and gang dynamics are being introduced to lower the entry barrier for engaging in settlement gameplay for all players. Currently, the necessity of gang affiliation, coordination with fellow players, and the complexities of resource gathering present substantial challenges, particularly for those managing a single character, which is true for players having an non upgraded character. Given the inv...

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2023.11.25 10:59

In today's discussion, we're focusing on one of the upcoming updates for Dawn 2055, which promises a significant overhaul of the building mechanics. This update aims to enhance the strategic aspects of the game, particularly in building and settlement management. Historically, the game's most dedicated players have been deeply involved in these aspects.

Those who have engaged in settlement upgrades and constructi...

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2023.11.22 13:39

Today update has been applied to Dawn focusing more on maintenance and fixes. Although not much has changed gameplay wise, few important but unseen improvements have been added to inner workings of Dawn 2055 which will allow to better improve Dawn in the future.

- Authorization process improvements.
- Fixed issue where it was not possible to logout from any other character, but the main.
- Registration process improvements. Finally "Cancel" button has been added!
- All API requests reworked to urls on main domain, no longer requests go to specific ports. Some workplaces, etc, block ports. So more easily to play Dawn at work or public wifis!
- Large data...

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2023.10.20 20:49
Transport goods

New update has been added today! Changes below!

[New] Added Farms & Ruined Farms, these work similar to survivor shacks
[New] Added 59 new player avatars
[New] Added image for Missing Salvagers mission
[Changed] Adjusted rumor ai promts, for better fit in the game's world
[Changed] New Hope added back to starter towns
[Changed] Updated Body guard mission background image
[Changed] Upda...
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2023.09.08 14:40
The game recently encountered few issues regarding email links, such as email confirmation, password / email change, unsubscribe. This was related to moving the game itself to play.dawn2055.com subdomain. This now should be fixed, if you still encounter any issues with broken game links in the emails, let us know in Discord in "Bug Report" channel....
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2023.06.13 07:59

Some changes today have been made for AI driven encounters. Now AI Encounters take in account themes if they are high enough, this should give more variety in the content AI generates, it also takes in account if the encounter takes place in S.C.U.M. controlled zone or Blossom. So this means so far encounters can be affected by factors such as area type, player's specialization, experience and reputation, gang and its reputation.

And now other no so good news is I had to downgrade AI model to gpt-3-turbo for now. Unfortunately gpt-4 is currently too expensive to run, and we're already approaching default openAI api cost limits. With some prompt improvements I managed to make it wo...

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2023.06.06 14:07

An update has been applied to Dawn introducing Artificial Intelligence driven encounters. AI driven encounters are added alongside other regular encounters, their description text is generated incrementally, so it is easy to differentiate them from the regular ones.

In one of the previous updates some encounters were already added which were crafted with a help of an AI, however, these new encounters are spontaneously generated during player interaction and will vary each time, even if it's the same encounter. It is also possi...

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2023.10.20 20:48
Fuel Trucks

New vehicles have been added to the game - Fuel Truck and Wasteland Fuel Truck. These should make transporting fuel around the wasteland much easier. 26 Fuel Trucks have been spawned in the world! Just as other regular non-wasteland vehicles, regular Fuel Trucks aren't craftable and can be only found in the world, so hurry up to find them!

Also a new batch of 28 player avatars have been added as well!...

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2023.03.31 13:46

With recent AI developments in the world it's planned to add bunch of AI generated encounters soon. From reading this your initial thought might be these would be much lower quality and quite generic ones, however from the testing AI generated encounters are almost up to the pair with human written ones, and only slight adjustments and balancing are needed to add them in the game. For the moment Dawn 2055 has quite a lot of repeated encounters, especially in desert/wasteland tiles which get old quite fast, so this is the great way to improve variety of encounters. Software side for importing AI encounters is already almost finished and where previously creating new encounter took several ...

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2023.03.10 13:35

It's time for another post and an update on the game's status! After features added in February (routes, shacks, security map, etc) the development focus is now shifted again on fixing bugs and adding polish to the game. The bug list is currently quite large, so it's expected to take some time to deal with them. If you experience any annoying bugs, it's a good time to report them! Just today, a bugfix update was added, which fixes an issue where players weren't properly hidden when losing PvP fights and many other bugs. Now, the losing player is made invisible, and if they ...

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