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Maintenance and fixes update

2023.11.22 13:39

Today update has been applied to Dawn focusing more on maintenance and fixes. Although not much has changed gameplay wise, few important but unseen improvements have been added to inner workings of Dawn 2055 which will allow to better improve Dawn in the future.

- Authorization process improvements.
- Fixed issue where it was not possible to logout from any other character, but the main.
- Registration process improvements. Finally "Cancel" button has been added!
- All API requests reworked to urls on main domain, no longer requests go to specific ports. Some workplaces, etc, block ports. So more easily to play Dawn at work or public wifis!
- Large data is now directly passed from game logic api, not through websocket, this should improve overall server performance.
- Dawn's game engine - PixiJS - updated to 7.1 version
- Reworked frontend app bundling to more modern tools, now typescript is supported.
- Fixed mission spawning in radiation. Now missions will spawn in radiation if player has enough survival skills to access the radiation areas.
- Fixed news articles not being updated in public website.
- Added cloudfare service for static asset caching
- App specific improvements (coming after update is rolled out):
-- Discord button fix
-- Game is now loaded in login screen at first time (not welcome page)