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Upcoming Changes To Gang Mechancis

2024.04.22 09:10

The development of Dawn 2055, currently prioritizes an extensive update to the settlement building system, with more information coming as its release nears. Alongside this significant upgrade, numerous modifications are set to refine various aspects of gameplay. Notably, adjustments to character and gang dynamics are being introduced to lower the entry barrier for engaging in settlement gameplay for all players. Currently, the necessity of gang affiliation, coordination with fellow players, and the complexities of resource gathering present substantial challenges, particularly for those managing a single character, which is true for players having an non upgraded character. Given the involvement of nearly every veteran player in some form of settlement management, the focus is on enhancing the initial engagement process with settlement gameplay for newcomers, without simplifying the complexity of management itself.

  • Character upgrades will benefit the entire account rather than individual characters, most likely at an increased cost, as the upgrade will enhance all characters associated with the account.
  • To ease participation in oil, sawmill, or upcoming quarry and farm jobs, players will initially receive 4 free characters, with upgraded accounts receiving 6.
  • Improved visibility of other player characters on the map, with the option to switch between them from both local and global map views.
  • The introduction of Faction mechanics, akin to the current gang system, will allow for the creation of factions comprised of multiple gangs. With these changes planned, most likely, players groups will shift towards gangs consisting of a single or very few actual players, but player groups will be formed within the faction mechanics. Factions will also be appropriately displayed on the map and elsewhere in the game.
  • The simplification of gang ranks to only include the Founder (formerly Leader) and members, effectively removing all rank requirements from warehouses, settlement management and structure construction to streamline management.
  • Ranks for stored items in warehouses changed to either Faction or Gang options. This means items are going to be accessed by each character belonging to the gang owning the settlement or the whole faction the gang belongs to.
  • Travel routes between settlements are going to be removed, as already they are quite broken and most often than not are not working. With increased settlement count on the map routes would become even more problematic, as each routes are calculated between each pair of the settlements (with minimum distance) on the map and with more settlements, count of routes needed to be generated increases exponentially. It's possible routes can be reworked and bought back in the future.