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New Features Added

2023.02.15 14:31

New update added to Dawn 2055 today packing quite a lot new features!

Easy one sided goals for survivors

As Goals being one of the most popular Dawn activities an easy goals aimed towards new survivors have been added to the game. These goals do not have an opposite goal for bandits and are contained to just one sector. This means new players can work towards survivor goals right away without feeling much threat from bandit players! However these goals lack unique item rewards and have lower bottle cap rewards if compared to regular goals.

Survivor Shacks and Ruined Shacks

High civilization theme sectors are now going to spawn Survivor Shacks in a form of new area type and if civilization theme drops below certain percentage these shacks will turn into a salvageable Shack Ruins. Upon salvaging out shack ruins completely, shack ruins have a chance to disappear from the map completely again. There's a change to forest tiles as well: When forest salvage is depleted completely - forests are going to turn into Cut Forest tile with Far Combat Range.

In the future the plan is to add more features which make the map more dynamic and changing depending on player actions or various events happening in the game. In the old legacy dawn this was not possible as map was pre-drawn and static, however in this new version there's no limit on what can be achieved: craters, new ruins from destroyed player structures, dynamic radiation, growing/decreasing forests, even global warming or freezing (turning large part of map in desert/or polar tiles). Not saying these things are coming, but It's certainly planned to add more features in the direction of these ideas.

Route travel

Pre set routes have been added between settlements, to make longer travel easier, these routes can be used to travel distances greater than 15 sectors. Routes are not planned over radiation and to bandit gang settlements. Travel times are fixed and not dependent on player speed skill. Travel speed is different for on-foot travel and driving a vehicle. Routes are re-planned once in every 6 hours.

Security Map

The 4th map layer in Global Map is now available as well! It shows how secure is Dawn 2055 world, anarchy sectors with roaming Wasteland bosses or SCUM zones are obviously most dangerous areas, but guard protected sectors are the most safe areas.

Job Skill

Players can now increase skill for each type of Job, more skill - the faster job is completed! Bottle Cap rewards are increased a bit to compensate for initially longer job working time.

Full change-log:

+ Added easy one sided goals for survivors.
+ Some wasteland/desert tiles will now change to a Survivor Shack tile in high civilization sectors.
+ Improved goal UI in global map
+ Added map travel between towns.
+ Added security map
+ Reputation is now decreased in civilization sectors on attacking survivor players
+ Fixed: stacked SCUM bosses not being displayed
+ Fixed bug where scum refinery level wasn't taken in account when scum gathered resources
+ Crimson Crow Crossing now shown on the map
+ Added Cancel Path button in global map as well
+ Improvements on global map click responsiveness
+ Some square graphics fixes
+ New: job skill
+ Dragon's den removed from starting settlements due to bad new player experience there
+ To be show in the gang list the gang has to have more than 0 points now.
+ Fixed character movement being stopped on switching characters and generally other bugs on character switch should be resolved as well.
+ Increased gap between attributes in level up screen.
+ Tutorial improvements: more info about crafting and goals.
+ Evened out scouting skill for all types of commandos (currently hired or mercs in shops are not affected)