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Game Status Update

2023.03.10 13:35

It's time for another post and an update on the game's status! After features added in February (routes, shacks, security map, etc) the development focus is now shifted again on fixing bugs and adding polish to the game. The bug list is currently quite large, so it's expected to take some time to deal with them. If you experience any annoying bugs, it's a good time to report them! Just today, a bugfix update was added, which fixes an issue where players weren't properly hidden when losing PvP fights and many other bugs. Now, the losing player is made invisible, and if they have a path planned, they will also stay invisible for the entire route.

I would also like to announce that one small but fun feature is coming back from the Legacy version upon the game's release to version 1.0. For now it's going to stay as a secret! Can you guess what it is?

Recently, I stumbled upon some screenshots of maps that were generated but weren't chosen for the final Dawn 2055 map. While these maps will not be added to the game, I thought it would be interesting to share them.


If all goes well in the future, a map expansion could be expected. However, to make it interesting, it would have to have some unique features and a variety of terrain that differs from the existing map.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who keeps supporting the game with donations or in any other way. Without you, we wouldn't have gotten this far!