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Bugfix update 10.03

2023.03.10 13:04
+ Fixed issue in pvp where losing player wasn't hidden properly
+ Now rest of the planned path is made invisible if player loses pvp fight
+ Added loading spinner to attack button
+ Initial feral dog spawn improvements in tutorial (will now always 100% spawn nearby)
+ Added map integrity checked on pressing on Map button, if it fails game is reloaded.
+ Fixed bug with job skill more than 100
+ Fixed broken picture of customized upgraded military rifle
+ Item fixing - now shows which mats are missing and which are enough
+ Fixed some issues with attacking empty camps
+ Fixed bug where it was possible to take over survivor camps
+ Fixed issue where it was possible to take over camps in goals before their intended removal
+ Fixed bug: possible to build more than 1 barrack per gang
+ Some route generation fixes
+ Fixed issue where survival gear degradation weren't updating in UI properly
+ Fixed some issues with user position detection (caused problems with sending items and probably smth more)
+ Fixed message saying you get resources from the last downgrade
+ Fixed perk "fast everywhere" in mud tiles
+ Fixed caps not being updated in UI upon ordering and buying