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AI Encounter Updates

2023.06.13 07:59

Some changes today have been made for AI driven encounters. Now AI Encounters take in account themes if they are high enough, this should give more variety in the content AI generates, it also takes in account if the encounter takes place in S.C.U.M. controlled zone or Blossom. So this means so far encounters can be affected by factors such as area type, player's specialization, experience and reputation, gang and its reputation.

And now other no so good news is I had to downgrade AI model to gpt-3-turbo for now. Unfortunately gpt-4 is currently too expensive to run, and we're already approaching default openAI api cost limits. With some prompt improvements I managed to make it work with gpt-3-turbo as well. From the initial testing they work quite well and they generate much faster now, however the AI's reasoning is not as good and it doesn't follow instructions as well and encounters do sound more generic and plain. However with current advances in AI I'm sure more cost effective solutions are coming soon. As always your feedback is appreciated!