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AI Driven Encounters Implemented

2023.06.06 14:07

An update has been applied to Dawn introducing Artificial Intelligence driven encounters. AI driven encounters are added alongside other regular encounters, their description text is generated incrementally, so it is easy to differentiate them from the regular ones.

In one of the previous updates some encounters were already added which were crafted with a help of an AI, however, these new encounters are spontaneously generated during player interaction and will vary each time, even if it's the same encounter. It is also possible to get some small rewards out of them, all of this is quite experimental at the present, so I'm eager to hear feedback!

Overall it fits quite well to already dynamic world of Dawn 2055, making it more vibrant and alive. Potential for this is quite huge and other ways are being looked at on how to improve game mechanics or content using AI.

Unfortunately there are costs associated with OpenAI API service which is used to generate these encounters, and only the pricier GPT-4 model yields high-quality results, Therefore, free accounts will be limited to a maximum of three encounters per day, while upgraded accounts will have a maximum of twenty. Depending on the costs of generating encounters, these limits are likely to change in the coming days.

Blow are some examples of encounters:

encounter encounter encounter

Offline Players Removed from Map

Another important change introduced in the update is inactive player removal from the map. From now on players who are inactive longer than 10 minutes are removed from the map. The reason behind this change is that there were a lot of clutter of inactive players around starting settlements, which might sometimes negatively affect games performance. This change also changes combat aspects a bit, this means only players last active in 10 minutes will take a part in the fight. Exception to this rule is when defending the structures, just as before, all players who have been active in last 2 days will take part in a defense if structure is attacked.

Full update changelog:

+ AI Driven encounters are added
+ Some backend performance improvements regarding parsing JSON data.
+ Fixed not all shop trade log messages being displayed
+ Some combat fixes
+ Offline players are removed from the map after 10 minutes
+ It's now allowed to switch to other build tabs without having a gang, but build button itself is disabled