About Dawn 2055

Build your Character and Squad

Choose from several starting classes and develop your character as you wish - be it loud brute fighting with melee weapons or stealthy sniper hitting hard and deadly. Hire mercenaries and choose the combat tactics to strengthen your squad and roam the wasteland more safely.

Complete different missions

Find many different tasks to do - starting from simple everyday jobs to help people in new dangerous world to highly rewarding and profitable missions!

Travel the wasteland

Use strategic sector map and rediscover huge devastated world based on actual California and Nevada. Many areas are covered in deadly radiation, so prepare yourself before venturing deep in the wasteland. Find different items and materials in the remains of past civilization.

Craft the weapons and items

Use all materials found in wasteland to craft different items which helps you in fight or everyday travels. Create melee and ranged weapons, armor and equipment and use them to strengthen your squad or sell them to other players.


Buy or trade your crafted or found items to other players trough shops found in settlements. Search for profitable trade routes and make fortunes in forever changing player run economy. 

Rebuild the world or spread the Fear

Join up with other players form gangs and factions. Make name of your alliance or gang known to other players by building and developing settlements or straight opposite - bring death and destruction to everyone!



1945. July
- First nuclear test takes place in Alamogordo, New Mexico, code-name “Trinity”.

1945. August - United States conducts atomic bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

1946. January
- Start of Cold War, tensions rise between Western world and the communist world. 

1962. November - Cuban Missile Crisis brings world to nuclear war closer than ever.

1991. December - Collapse of Soviet Union, Doomsday Clock shows 11:43, which is lowest threat to global disaster since since its inception in 1947. World can take a breath for now!

2007. August - Russia plants a flag at North Pole starting the race between nations for Arctic resources.

2020. March - New research shows, that most available resources such as oil and gas, with current increasing consumption rates, will run out much sooner than estimated - in 2050.

2020. May - Countries surrounding the Arctic start massive extraction of Arctic resources.

2020. August - Disagreements about Arctic territorial claims between nations arise. Extraction of resources increases even more. Presence of military forces of all major players drastically increases in the region. A new arms race starts.

2021. January - United States and Russia break all treaties which limit the manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction, other major countries follow.

2021. November - World divides into two major political and military blocs:

Western bloc - led by United States and Western Europe.
Eastern bloc - led by Russia and China.

2023. September - More weapons of mass destruction are produced than ever before. Buildup of military forces in Arctic continues. 

2024. January - Local military conflict emerges in the Arctic. All diplomatic solutions fail!

2024. April - Arctic military conflict expands to regions of North Europe, North Russia And North Canada.

2024. May - The conflict escalates to all out global world war.

2024. June - First nuclear and biological weapons are used in combat since WW2, this starts a global nuclear warfare.

2024. July - War Ends. 99.9% of population die either from warfare or contamination and radiation. Remaining population survives in shelters.

2055. January - Ecosystem stabilizes. After more than 20 years first survivors leave shelters... A new dawn of mankind begins!